How To Get A Free Electronic Cigarette

knight sticks free trial box How To Get A Free Electronic Cigarette

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Cigarette smokers are now becoming more aware of how deadly tobacco cigarettes are and now are looking for better alternatives to smoking but don't want to use the patch because they don't feel like they are smoking which makes it harder to beat their nicotine cravings. These smokers asked and for a healthier alternative and now the electronic cigarette answered their requests with full force. But some smokers are not sure if these E Cigarettes can help them so here is how to get a free electronic cigarette.

E Cigarettes Free Trial

Many smokers are becoming aware of how beneficial these E Cigarettes and are trying to figure out which electronic cigarette is best for them. This is why electronic cigarette companies are offering E Cigarettes free trial offers. The electronic cigarette free trial offer works like this. The electronic cigarette company will allow the smoker to try out these E Cigarettes for about 12 – 14 days and all the smoker has to do is pay for the shipping which runs anywhere from $5.99 to $9.99. The smoker has this time allotted to use the free electronic cigarette and if they don't like it they can send it back and get a full refund. If the smoker likes the electronic cigarette then they will be charged the amount for the electronic cigarette starter kit and will see the benefits of smoking these E Cigarettes.

If the E Cigarettes trial offers are not beneficial to you then there are also E Cigarette companies that offer discounts for their starter kits as well. For instance, Green Smoke gives 10% off all electronic cigarette starter kits using coupon code DISC10-1947 upon checkout. They too offer a 30 day money back guarantee which you can send the electronic cigarette back if you are not happy with it which in a sense makes that offer a free electronic cigarette as well.

No matter if you try the E Cigarettes free trial or you like to just get a starter kit you will realize the true benefits of smoking the electronic cigarette. You will enjoy not smelling like tobacco cigarettes, not having to go outside to smoke, and not having to worry about the deadly side effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes because these E Cigarettes give off water vapor rather than smoke and are truly the best alternative to smoking that you can find.