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Smoke Star Try Before You Buy

Now that we are in the beginnings of the new year and hopefully most people are still being faithful to their new years resolutions but if not that is no big deal there is always next year right? All jokes aside, when it comes to quitting smoking, waiting one more year could do more damage to your lungs than you could imagine. There is still hope for smokers who would like an alternative way of smoking and at a cheaper cost.

Free Electronic Cigarette

Since the electronic cigarette has become so popular, many different name brand electronic cigarette companies are offering the "try before you buy" option to their electronic cigarette starter kits. What does this mean to you? This means that you can try out these new e cigarettes for 14 days and if you like them you keep the kit and if you don't then you just go ahead and send them back within the 14 day trial period. One of the best things about the E Cigarettes try before you buy is that you only have to pay about $9.99 for shipping and handling and the product willbe shipped to your home or office withing 24-48 hours.

These new E Cigarettes are providing smokers with the sensation of smoking a real cigarette but without all of the 4,000 toxic chemicals that come with smoking tobacco cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette differs in many ways compared to traditional cigarettes and the main difference is there is no smoke and no tobacco that is burned. When you inhale the electronic cigarette you will be breathing in water vapor as opposed to tobacco smoke. You don't even need a lighter because they are battery operated.

The electronic cigarette is a great new device that is helping smokers cure their nicotine cravings and turning them from smoking traditional cigarettes. Now for the best part. I have done some research and found some brand new electronic cigarette try before you buy offers. See below.

Smoke Star – E Cigarettes Try Before You Buy

Direct E-Cig – Try Before You Buy

Solar Cigarette – Try Before You Buy