Can You Smell The Electronic Cigarette?

Since these new E cigarettes have been popping up all over the place, many people are

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wondering if they hold up to their name and one of the most common questions that is asked is can you smell the electronic cigarette? Since these wonderful alternative to smoking devices mimic traditional cigarettes in many ways, they are also very different as well. When it comes to smell here are a couple facts to answer any questions that are asked if you can smell the electronic cigarette.

First of all, the electronic cigarette is a battery operated cigarette that doesn't burn no tobacco so that is one of the reasons why you will not smell any tobacco smoke. Since these E cigarettes give off water vapor, you will only see a cloud of water vapor which looks exactly like smoke but dissipates quickly. To tell you the truth, although the electronic cigarette doesn't have any smell of tobacco smoke, you will smell a hint of the water vapor but in now way shape or form unpleasant and no where near the smell of tobacco smoke.

Most people compare the water vapor from the electric cigarette to the smell of when you would go to a haunted house and they would have the fake smoke machines going, or when you when to a night club and the DJ turns on the fog machine. You do smell some kind of vapor but it is not unpleasant, I know what you are saying, some of these smoke machines have scents like coconut but trust me these E cigarettes don't smell like coconuts when you exhale. Some people even compare the water vapor to a dry ice smell which is weird because you really can't smell anything but you know there is a vapor there.

As you can see, many people that use the electronic cigarette around other people are doing them a favor because these E cigarettes have hardly any smell to them and any smell that they do give off is no where near unpleasant for the surrounding non smokers. That is why you smokers can avoid the smoking bans in restaurants and public places. Now you will know the answer when someone asks if you can smell the electronic cigarette!