E Cigarette – Ways To Improve Battery Life

The E Cigarette or electronic cigarette as it is called by many has been a great way for smokers to get the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette without all of the terrible side effects that one would get by smoking tobacco cigarettes. But, there are somethings that are crucial for improving the battery life of each electronic cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette Do's & Dont's

Here are a couple of suggestions that you can do to help improve the battery life of your

electronic cigarette basic starter kit4 E Cigarette   Ways To Improve Battery Life

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electronic cigarette. When you first receive your electronic cigarette starter kit of E Cigarettes free trial you will need to charge the batteries. The 1st initial charge is the most important in order to give you not only the most battery life but also the most time you can get per charge.

Always charge  each battery for a full 8 hours before using it. Even though the electronic cigarette batteries come fully charged it is always a smart idea to give them that first initial charge. Trust me, you will thank me later in the future.

Once you have charged the batteries for the full 8hrs then you are good to go. Another important tip is to make sure the next time you charge the battery is when the electronic cigarette LED starts to blink and no more vapor comes out when you inhale. This means that the battery is fully depleted and ready for its recharge.

What Not To Do!

One of the most critical things that you must avoid at all times is charging the battery too long. Do not plug the electronic cigarette battery into the charger and leave it charge over night. This will cause the battery to heat up and will decrease not only the lifetime expectancy of the battery but you will notice that the battery will only last about 15 minutes between charges. This will kill your positive views of these E Cigarettes and should be avoided at all costs.

By following these 2 critical but easy steps you will see that you electronic cigarette battery will last longer and you will have a stronger puff during the times you are smoking these E Cigarettes. Not all e cigarettes are created the same and some provide longer battery life between puffs but if you complete these 2 important steps, you electronic cigarette smoking experience will be that much more enjoyable.